Author and Speaker on Broadcast History

Author and Speaker on Broadcast History

Welcome to my page and a world of broadcast history! I'm a working professional in voice-over with great respect for the broadcast pioneers who came before me.

As a published author and public speaker who has enjoyed a decades-long successful career in radio and television, I have captivating stories to tell about broadcasting as an entertainment medium, as a multi-billion dollar industry, and as a business with more drama behind-the-scenes than on the screen.

In addition to books and articles, I'm available to speak at universities and high schools, as well as libraries, cruise ships, and community groups, and can include some very entertaining and unique video presentations.

If you have any questions or wish to set up an interview or appearance, please contact me via email.

Meanwhile, navigate to "Tributes" and get to know the friends who gave me a helping hand when I was new to the business: Johnny Olson, Rod Roddy and Charlie O'Donnell.