A Tribute To Rod

Robert Ray “Rod” Roddy was a consummate broadcasting professional, and a very sensitive soul.

Although in his private life his razor sharp wit could be peppered with biting sarcasm, the longevity of his friendships is a testament to the purity and warmth in his h…

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Johnny Olson

American television’s most celebrated personality, Bob Barker, reflects nostalgically from time to time on the years he worked with Johnny Olson; there is palpable admiration and sincere respect. Seventeen time Emmy© winner Barker first learned of Johnny’s ability…

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Charlie O'Donnell

As a radio personality, newscaster and television announcer, Charlie O’Donnell enjoyed an exemplary career that spanned an astounding 58 years. From all-night movies, morning radio shows, mid-day newscasts, afternoon game shows, and prime-time specials he logged o…

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