Book: TV INSIDE-OUT: Flukes, Flakes, Feuds and Felonies

Book: TV INSIDE-OUT: Flukes, Flakes, Feuds and Felonies -     Softcover - Not Inscribed

Do you have any idea what really goes on behind the scenes of your favorite television shows? You will soon, and you’ll be shocked.

TV Inside-Out is the tell almost-all book that exposes outrageous celebrity misbehavior, toxic dysfunctional relationships, senseless executive blunders, million dollar production foul-ups and a myriad of stunning revelations garnered from candid conversations with some of your favorite TV performers, as well as members of their entourages, the production staffs, and the crew members - the trusted insiders who keep their jobs by keeping these secrets.

This 502-page epic work is the first book to reveal the real-life drama behind TV’s popular dramatic series, the misery at the happiest sitcoms, the private whispers in talk show dressing rooms, and the games people play behind the scenes at your favorite game shows.

Compiled by a 30-year veteran of the conflicts and camaraderie, these are true stories that many insiders would rather remain untold. So much has been obscured by the laughs at favorite late-night shows, disguised by celebrities’ Botox-enhanced smiles, masked by the applause of adoring fans, and protected by professional ethics and discretion—until now.

You may wonder “How did they keep all of this craziness secret?” or “How do these people get and keep their jobs?” But it’s certain that you’ll never watch TV the same way again!

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